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OMAD vs. 2MAD: Which Intermittent Fasting Method Should You Choose?

As intermittent fasting is gaining in popularity, the different methods are becoming more and more well-known. Most people realize that intermittent fasting is not just about skipping breakfast. In this post, I am going to compare OMAD and 2MAD. We will talk about what OMAD and 2MAD stand for, the benefits of these intermittent fasting methods, and how you can decide which one is best for you.

Difference Between OMAD and 2MAD

OMAD stands for One Meal A Day and 2MAD stands for Two Meals A Day.


Another name for OMAD could be 23:1. The idea is to consume all your daily calories during a one-hour window. Most people would fast all day and eat dinner when they get home from work, for example. Another fasting expert, Dr. Mindy, recommends a 24 hour fast before the one-hour eating window. She feels that this method is the optimal way to heal your gut since a 24-hour fast has been shown to stimulate intestinal stem cell regeneration.


Dr. Sten Ekberg describes 2MAD as the 16:8 method, pretty much. In this video, he shows a graph for 2MAD that demonstrates a meal for lunch and a meal for dinner. However, Thomas DeLauer’s approach would be closer to a 22:2 method. To break your fast, he recommends a light meal that doesn’t combine carbs and fats. For example, he explain you should consume bone broth first, and maybe some lean protein with veggies. Then, you could move on to your other meal a little while later.

Alternative 2MAD Method

Another approach that I haven’t seen mentioned that I would like to introduce to you is the fast-from-dawn-til-sunset approach. I heard about this method for the first time recently on a Facebook page called Ketogenic Cancer Diet, which I recommend you look up. The way it works is you eat breakfast at dawn and eat dinner after sunset. It helps support your circadian rhythm, reduces your risk of cancer, metabolic syndrome, and resets your immune system. Learn all about the benefits by ready this study.

I am planning on putting this method into practice sometime soon and I will be writing more posts about it.

How to Decide Which Method Is Best for You

As you decide if you should choose OMAD or 2MAD as your preferred intermittent fasting method, it’s a good idea to look at the benefits and risks associated with OMAD.

Benefits of OMAD over 2MAD

OMAD will bring you all the benefits of intermittent fasting like increased insulin sensitivity, longevity, weight loss, better sleep, better focus, etc. However, l you will experience some added benefits, for example:

  • Less food preparation.
  • Easier to restrict calories.
  • Faster weight loss.
  • More ketones and autophagy. The body has more time to go through all its glycogen stores when you eat only once a day.

Possible Problems Associated With OMAD

Anytime I talk about fasting, I stress the importance of experimenting. Each of us is very unique and what works at one time may not always work. Here are some possible issues associated with OMAD you should be aware of when trying to decide between OMAD and 2MAD:

  • Weight loss plateau: Some women find they reach a weight loss plateau on OMAD. It may be that many women benefit from cycling more between different fasting options. Read my post Top 7 Reason You Are Not Losing Weight on OMAD for more help if you reach a weight loss plateau.
  • Too much weight loss: The OMAD method comes with many health benefits, but it may cause too much weight loss. Some women find it hard to consume enough calories during a one-hour window.
  • Digestive issues: Trying to consume enough calories during a short period of time may cause some digestive issues.
  • Too hungry: You may feel too hungry to wait 23 hours before your next meal each day.

OMAD is a more strict and severe form of intermittent fasting. It’s a good idea to get started slowly and wisely.

How to Get Started

No matter you decide to stick with, it’s a good idea to follow the following steps to get started:

  1. Become fat adapted: My favorite way to become fat-adapted is a modified fast. However, doing the keto diet for a week or two would also work. Try my favorite 5-day modified fast meal plan or my 10-day modified fast meal plan.
  2. Increase your fasting window gradually: As you gain more confidence with fasting, you can increase your fasting window gradually. You should be able to do the 16:8 version of 2MAD fairly easily and gradually move on to the 22:2 version. Or you could even fast from dawn till sunset.
  3. Monitor your progress: Look for problems that may come up as you increase your fasting window. Slow down and change things up if you need to. Read my post How to Decide Which Intermittent Fasting Method Is Best for You to get more guidance. You can also take my Quiz What Is Your Fasting Personality. You will receive three free fasting quickstart guide to help you get started.
Fasting Personality Quiz

OMAD vs. 2MAD Video


Comparing OMAD vs. 2MAD is not just comparing two different intermittent fasting methods. 2MAD has many flavors. You can have lunch and dinner, have breakfast and dinner, or even two different meals within a 2-hour eating window. When selecting the appropriate intermittent fasting method, it’s important to take your time, experiment, and listen to your body in the process.