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Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss Results: 2 Years In

I started this website in February 2020 after finding that I was finally able to achieve my health goals through fasting. I had been Paleo for two years (and had a Paleo blog, which is still online) but hit a wall. My health had become stagnant, and I had been gaining weight. Fortunately, things took a turn for the better after I discovered how to take advantage of intermittent fasting even though it hadn’t worked for me before. In this post, I am happy to reveal my intermittent fasting weight loss results (as well as overall health results), explain the number one mistake most women make when they try to lose weight using intermittent fasting, and share a doable timeline to maximize your chance of success.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss Results

The point of sharing my intermittent fasting for weight loss results is to give you an idea of what to expect and help you come up with your own intermittent fasting for weight loss timeline so you can optimize your success.

Intermittent Fasting Results One Month

After one month, I hadn’t lost any weight but had lost much of my belly fat. At this point, I had done one modified fast and had been experimenting a little bit with the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Method as well as the Eat Stop Eat Method.

I received comments about losing weight because, apparently, I looked like I had lost weight.

Before and after my first modified fast

20/4 Intermittent Fasting Results Six Month

I started settling into a more comfortable intermittent fasting routine on my second month with the warrior diet. The best part about the Warrior diet is that I loved that I could start eating around 4 pm and enjoy all my favorite foods until about 8 pm. I didn’t feel too hungry during the day most days (with practice). I would take my weekends off to enjoy breakfast (I still liked breakfast foods back then).

After 6 months, my 20/4 intermittent fasting weight loss results were probably around 10-12 lbs. Now, keep in mind that my weight loss goal was around 20 lbs. It’s common to lose weight much slower if you need to lose only 20 lbs or less. That’s why I put so much emphasis on having realistic weight loss expectations. We want to achieve a slow, steady, and sustainable weight loss.

20/4 Intermittent Fasting Results One Year

After about a year, I had achieved my weight loss goal of 20 lbs. That’s when I decided to create my 30-Day Intermittent Fasting Transformation Program. I thought it would be a practical and affordable way to help other women achieve similar results.

My intermittent fasting protocol has been incredibly effective and I was very proud of what I had accomplished: I had managed to lose 20 lbs using intermittent fasting after 40. I felt better than ever before. And that, even though I had tried to lose weight and heal my body with intermittent fasting before without succeeding.

Making use of my knowledge as a health coach, I devised a step-by-step formula that includes everything any woman could ever need to achieve similar results. I created PDFs, checklists, meal plans, educational videos, and I assembled all the pieces in a way that would make the process simple and doable.

Learn more about my 30-Day Fasting Transformation here.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss Results After Two Years

Now, over the course of the following year, my intermittent fasting for weight loss results was surprising. I lost another 10 lbs! I had relaxed my intermittent fasting schedule and would fast for 20 hours only one or two days a week. Yet, I was still losing weight! Even though my goal was to lose 20 lbs, I wasn’t too upset about the continued weight loss. I am tall, 5 ’10, so losing more weight didn’t show that much.

Now, I am working on eating more and building more muscles. You may know that I took up yoga, but my daughters recently made me sign up for a gym membership because they wanted to go. I figured, yoga has been wonderful to tone up my body, but if I want to build more muscles, may as well take advantage of the gym equipment. More on that as I learn and grow.

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: Number One Mistake

Before I share my weight loss timeline to optimize your results, I wanted to talk about the number one intermittent fasting mistake that you should avoid: Thinking that intermittent fasting means skipping breakfast. That’s the mistake I made the first time I tried intermittent fasting.

Although the 16:8 method works for some women, most will find that an 8-hour eating window is too long and it is too easy to overeat during this time. Moreover, a 16-hour eating window is not long enough to achieve ketosis for any length of time. Achieving ketosis on your fasting day is essential for your weight loss success and to heal your body as you improve your insulin sensitivity.

Weight Loss Timeline to Optimize Your Success

The following weight loss timeline is based on my own intermittent fasting for weight loss results.

1. Get Started on the Right Foot

Whenever you work towards a goal, being able to measure your progress is crucial. Take your before photos and measurements. Set out to achieve measurable and realistic goals. Have a clear plan in mind. Having a plan is simple if you follow my outline. However, make sure your expectations are realistic as well. Remember, my intermittent fasting weight loss results amounted to a weight loss of about 20 lbs in a year.

2. Kickstart Your Healing and Your Weight Loss

Many women struggle with losing weight because they have become very insulin resistant and carb dependent. Intermittent fasting on its own will help remedy that, but a modified fast will definitely kickstart your healing and your weight loss. A modified fast takes advantage of a short-term (5 days) severe calorie restriction and a specific macronutrient ratio to trigger autophagy.

I have tons of free resources on this site for those who want to do a modified fast. You can also join my private modified fasting Facebook group for additional resources and support (membership included with my Fasting With Intention Program).

3. Pick the Right Intermittent Fasting Method

When you pick your intermittent fasting method, I recommend you try less frequent but longer fasts first. Forget about daily 16-hour fasts. Instead, try the Eat Stop Eat method or the Warrior Diet.

4. Exercise Efficiently Without Stressing Your Body Too Much

Stress is good. Cortisol is good. Too much of it, not so much! As you experiment with fasting, I recommend focusing on gentler workouts that focus on increasing your muscle mass. I love bodyweight workouts and yoga. In only 30-minutes a day, you will notice more tone and definition without stressing your body more necessary.

Read Starting Yoga at 40 or Later: Everything You Need to Know to learn more about the workouts I have been using.

5. Maintain Your Weight Loss

Maintaining your intermittent fasting weight loss results will be easy. Why? Because if you do it right, your intermittent fasting lifestyle will be part of you. It’s not something you will want to stop. In fact, you may notice like me that you are still losing weight after reaching your goal. In that case, you will need to experiment with shorter fasting windows and also with your fasting frequency.

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Results Video