eating with intention program

End yo-yo dieting and heal your relationship with food

Ditch the diet mentality

Learn to discern the diet culture messaging. Stop relying on deprivation and willpower to achieve your goal weight.

make peace with food

Discover the pleasure principle and how you can enjoy food without guilt.

love your body

Learn some practical strategies to respect an honor your body. Enjoy moving with intention.

understand hunger

Understand how to listen to your unique hunger and fullness cues. Differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

learn how to practice intuitive eating

The program Eating With Intention is an intuitive eating program that addresses the root causes of yo-yo dieting: your relationship with food and your relationship with your body.

You will learn to make intentional food decisions that honor your body, your health, and your happiness.

The program includes 2 sets of 3 months worth of pantry lists and suggested meals: one vegan and one omnivore.

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ProgRam curriculum

Week 1: The baseline

Week 2: Ditch the Diet Mentality

Week 3: Embrace Hunger

Week 4: Permission Slip

Module 1 Recap

Week 5: Explore fullness

Week 6: Make peace

Week 7: The Pleasure Principle

Week 8: Permission Slip

Module 2 Recap

Week 9: Become body positive

Week 10: Motion

Week 11: Balance point

Week 12: Empower

Wrapping Up