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I recommend the Core 4

You’ve heard of it, you are intrigued, you’ve done some research about it. And now you are ready. 

However, you need a tool to be able to comfortably step into this new world of Intermittent Fasting… Guess What? I got your back and I designed this Guide for Intermittent Fasting Specially for Beginners Like You. 

Learn about the benefits of Intermittent Fasting, the myths behind it, the truth and receive a sample intermittent fasting schedule.

Start Your Fasting Journey, Today.

A 21-Day Plan to Release the Extra Weight

This 21-Day Weight Loss Plan combines some of the most effective intermittent fasting methods to give you a clean and concise starting point. You will cycle through a 5-day modified fast, the eat-stop-eat method, alternate day fasting, the warrior diet, and some feasting days. It's a doable plan to you can follow step-by-step to reduce cravings, improve your sleep, reduce inflammation, and increase your energy level.

A Functional Approach to Beating Candida for Good

I recommend you follow this protocol for 6-8 weeks to beat Candida for good. Your diet will focus on healthy fats, quality protein, and veggies. The protocol includes a 7-day meal plan that you can repeat as needed if you wish. You can also simply follow the guidelines outlined to create your own. If Candida is a problem for you, the Candida Reduction Pack is a must and it is part of the protocol.

Discover How to Reset Your Health by Eating for Your Cycle

Did you know that you can improve your hormonal function by cycling through a low carb and a moderate carb diet? This guide explains exactly how to eat for your cycle.