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15 Best Foods to Break a Fast

When you break a fast, your body is more insulin sensitive and your digestive function may be diminished (depending on the length of your fast). It’s a good idea to take it slow at first. Follow the guidelines below to choose the best foods to break your fast and to maximize your fasting results.

The best foods to eat when you break a fast will vary according to your health goals. Consequently, I am giving you a list of 15 foods you can consume to break a fast and explaining a little bit with each how it will help.

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General Guidelines for Breaking a Fast

It’s certainly a good idea to take it slowly when you are ready to reintroduce foods after a fast. A good rule of thumb is that the reintroduction phase should last half as long as the fasting phase. Moreover, don’t break your fast by combining fats and carbs. Mixing fats with carbs gives you a double insulin spike and your body is more sensitive to insulin after a fast.

Digestive Function After Fasting

Fasting for over 36 hours will start decreasing your digestive enzyme production. Furthermore, the mucus lining that protects your stomach may be diminished. This means that consuming the wrong foods to break a fast may cause a few discomforts. You may experience:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas pain
  • Bloating
  • Indigestion

Don’t worry! You can avoid these symptoms when you break your fast wisely. Moreover, an added bonus of not having to digest during your fast is that your body is directing all its energy to the healing and repair process. You will feel more energetic and more focused.

Some More Tips on Breaking a Fast

When you are just starting eating again, start with fewer foods and gradually introduce more as you watch your body for reactions. Chew your food well and eat smaller meals (500 calories or less). Do not break your fast with junk food. Again, avoid combining fats with carbs together on your first meal, which would cause a double insulin spike.

Breaking a Fast for Women

Women are more sensitive to cortisol than men (read Intermittent Fasting for Women: A Definitive Guide for more info). Fasting increases your cortisol level. Cortisol helps burn more fat when you fast. However, if your cortisol level is still high after you start eating again, it may cause you to store fat instead. There are a few things you can do before you break a fast to reduce your cortisol level:

  • Have a glass of water with Himalayan salt (1 or 2 tsp).
  • Break your fast with a cup of bone broth.
  • Implement some lifestyle practices to reduce stress.
  • Drink a cup a tea with cinnamon in it an hour or so before breaking fast. It will help prepare your cells for receiving food.

15 Best Foods to Break a Fast

You should favor nutritious and easy-to-digest foods when you break a fast. Here are my top 15 recommendations:

1. Avocado

Healthy fats are a good choice when it comes to breaking your fast. Fasting helps put you in ketosis. When you break your fast with healthy fats, you are maintaining ketosis and keeping your body in fat-burning mode.

2. Coconut Oil or MCT Oil

A fast makes you more insulin sensitive, so it’s a good idea to break your fast with fat first particularly if your goal is weight loss. Moreover, coconut oil and MCT oil contain caprylic, capric, and caproic acid bypass the liver and are utilized really fast. This quick infusion of fat will prime your body to use more fat for fuel. It will also help you feel great and you might decide to fast longer. Check out this raw coconut oil, you will get a $50 gift card with my code.

3. Lean Protein

Combining lean protein with some greens will constitute a good first meal. Make sure you keep your portions small and consume less than 500 calories. Or, you could choose to eat a pastured egg.

4. Nut Butter

Nuts may be hard to digest after a fast. However, nut butter is easier to digest and provides a good source of healthy fats. Try breaking your fat with a tablespoon of almond butter. Or, better yet, make a salad with a nut butter-based dressing.

5. Cooked Cruciferous Vegetables

Cooked vegetables tend to be easier to digest. Cruciferous vegetables are a powerhouse of nutrients. Try consuming 3 cups of cruciferous vegetables each day. When you break a fast, eating 2 cups of cooked cruciferous vegetables and some healthy fat will replenish your body with these essential nutrients.

6. Green Juices

Green juices provide your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes without your body having to break down the fiber. Since your body is more insulin sensitive after a fast, make sure your juice is not too sweet, but freshly made green juices may be an excellent way to break your fast.

7. Bone Broth

Bone broth is easy to digest and filling. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It contains collagen and the amino acids your body will use to repair itself further. The amino acid glutamine found in bone broth may help heal your gut. A 2017 study found that glutamine supplementation contributed to healing the intestinal barrier of the subjects. Fasting breaks down the mucosal layer of your gut a little. Bone broth will help repair it. This helps prepare your gut to absorb the nutrients from your foods better. Adding apple cider vinegar to your bone broth will increase your rate of mineral uptake as well. That’s why most bone broth recipes call for apple cider vinegar.

8. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are essential foods to consume to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. It’s a good practice to make sure you consume 3 cups of leafy greens every single day. They also constitute a perfect food to break a fast. Make a salad with sprouted greens and lettuce with some healthy fats like avocado and homemade dressing to break your fast.

9. Soups

Soups made from bone broth will provide you with all the benefits of bone broth and the added nutrition from other foods on this list. Make a soup using cruciferous vegetables and some lean protein for example.

10. Melons

Eating fruits to break a fast is an excellent option for athletes who want to get back into muscle-building mode. Melons, in particular, are rich in electrolytes and water. They promote healthy digestion and provide a boost of nutrition.

11. Bananas

Bananas are another preferred option for athletes. They are easy to digest and nutritious. Moreover, they contain some key nutrients to modulate your insulin response.

12. Fermented Foods

Since fasting will decrease your digestive enzyme productions, it’s a good idea to consume fermented foods to break your fast. An excellent option would be to combine a tablespoon of fermented sauerkraut with avocado for example.

13. Wild-Caught Fish

Wild-caught fish is high in minerals, including potassium, zinc, and iron. Women are more prone to hypothyroidism, so fish is a particularly good option to provide the extra zinc needed by your cells for your body to utilize thyroid hormones better. Moreover, wild-caught fish is an excellent source of iodine, which will also support thyroid function.

14. Smoothie

A smoothie, particularly if you add superfoods to it, is nutritious and easy to digest. Furthermore, it’s convenient and easy to prepare.

15. Green Superfood Drink

Many superfood drinks are high in important vitamins and minerals, including iodine. Iodine is also essential to support thyroid function and fasting suppresses your thyroid function to some extent. My favorite green superfood drink is called the Power Shake. It is made from organic raw (dehydrated at 80 F) ingredients.

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In Summary

I hope you found this list of foods to break a fast helpful. Experiment and see which ones work best for you. We are all unique and your body may respond differently from one time to the next. You may also find that you crave a particular food. If that’s the case, listen to your body, gives it what it needs while following the guidelines to break a fast that I shared with you. If you haven’t already don’t forget to take my quiz What is Your Fasting Personality? You will receive my step-by-step guides to make the most of your fasting journey.

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