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Hi! My Name is Sylvie!

I am a certified holistic coach who loves to learn and share about fasting. Fasting is the cheapest and most effective way to heal your body, reset your hormones, and reach your health goals. Let me guide you along the way. Read more about my story and how fasting helped me release the weight that I couldn’t lose no matter how hard I tried.

Discover which fasting type is best for you

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not just about skipping breakfast! There many ways to practice it successfully without worrying it will wreck your hormones.

Modified Fasting

The fasting mimicking diet comes from the research of Dr. Valter Longo. It's a 5-day low calorie fast that gives the benefits of fasting even though you are eating.

10-Day Transformation

The 10-Day Transformation is similar to the fasting mimicking diet in many ways, but it allows you to get more calories. Most likely, you won't feel hungry!



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