Flexibility of your body, mindset, and metabolism with tools like fasting, mindfulness, and movement.

All About Fasting for health and wellness

Feel good in your body at any age using the power of fasting, mindfulness, and movement

Hi! My Name is Sylvie!

I am a NASM fitness trainer and certified holistic coach who loves to help women achieve flexibility of the body, mindset, and metabolism. I focus on tools like fasting, mindfulness, and movement. Fasting is the cheapest and most effective way to heal your body, reset your hormones, and reach your health goals. Mindfulness will empower you to rediscover your body’s cues and take control of your thoughts. Movement will take your health to the next level as you firm up. increase your flexibility and endurance, and improve your mood.

Let me guide you along the way as you challenge yourself to become your best version.

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Intermittent fasting and modified fasting are my two favorite tools to start healing your body in order to rediscover your body's hunger cues.


Fasting is not about learning to ignore hunger cues. Instead, as you improve your insulin sensitivity and experiment with the right intermittent fasting method, you will learn to pay attention to your body and rediscover its cues. Mindfulness becomes essential! Plus, mindfulness will empower you to take control of your thoughts and change the course of your life.


Moving your body is key to feel amazing in your skin. It will help you boost your mood, your confidence, and serve as an outlet to channel your feelings.



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